Our photo collection of diaspora is kept off-site at Archive.org:
        At the moment it contains over 1500 photos.

But before you go there, please read these instructions on how to look through the collection:

• In the left column of the Archive.org webpage is a search box that can be used to search the collection. This is the easiest way to find surnames or village names or any other word you want to search for. This searches the descriptions and titles of all the photos.

• Also in that column you will find various criteria that can be chosen. A useful list of choices can be found under “Topics & Subjects” (click on “More” to see the entire list).

• Descriptions of the photos can be found beneath each photo after it’s been selected separately (by clicking once on the thumbnail). The descriptions include names, surnames, variant spellings of surnames, years of birth and death, villages of birth, parent’s names, sources, dates of scans, and sometimes marriage dates.

• If there are any questions about the photos, or if there are additions or corrections to be made to the descriptions, please be in touch with us by using . Also, please contact us if you have photos that you would like for us to upload for you. Please be aware that we do not publish (upload) photos of living people.

• Most of the photos in our collection on Archive.org came from sources outside of Croatia. However, a few came from within Croatia, mostly from families related to the emigrants.

See: Conserving Your Photos