Diaspora are people with similar geographical origins who have emigrated to places all over the world. This includes their descendants.

Purpose: This website is for the descendants of people who emigrated from the Dubrovnik region over the years (up to 1940). It can help diaspora to find their roots and to learn about their homeland and Croatian culture. It can also provide genealogists and historians with information and material for research purposes. This site is new and we are adding material to it daily. Right now there are over 1500 photos posted, and a large and almost complete list of the surnames from the Dubrovnik region. The Library will grow much larger. Please send us your suggestions and ideas on how to make this site more helpful in the future. Contact us at .

Area covered: The main area covered is southern Croatia, from its southern tip to the border with Neum in the north, including the offshore islands and Pelješac. This is the same region covered in the studies of two respected genealogists and historians of this area, Niko Kapetanić and Nenad Vekarić. [see Map #1] Also included are some photos of diaspora from the island of Brač, and from western Herzegovina. [see Photos]

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